LidFlush is a revolutionary new product that changes the way you flush your toilet. The traditional flush handle is removed from the toilet, and replaced by a patent pending magnetic tether that attaches to the toilet seat lid. This requires the toilet seat lid be closed in order to flush the toilet. By changing the behavior, this introduces several benefits :

  • Suppresses aerosolized bacteria when toilet is flushed
  • Lid is always in the down position
  • Improves appearance of bathroom
  • Prevents children and pets from playing in the toilet
  • Ends the gender based “toilet seat war”

LidFlush is a retrofit product that will install on most residential gravity flush toilets. LidFlush was designed to be installed by anyone with minimal tools required. If you are ready to “Take the Plunge”, please support our IndieGoGo campaign by pre-ordering your LidFlush today!


Thanks for supporting LidFlush!

Chris and Steve – LidFlush Founders

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